Systems Design & Dev't

ENICOS is a full featured business management solution that helps SMEs, and Large Enterprises to record all the business transactions in one system.

Internet & Hardware Repair

Bringing you an Affordable, Reliable, and a High Speed Internet.

Website & Graphics Design

All sites you make with Bylite are mobile-friendly. You don't have to create a special mobile version of your site.

Cyber Security

We are here to protect you from cyber criminals!

Mobirise Mobirise

ByLiTe Connect

Byte Life Tech Solutions Company Ltd provides direct internet connectivity via its own gateway. The bandwidth offered ranges from 3 Mbps to 6 Mbps under the Home, Business internet access platform and up to 10 Mbps under the corporate internet access. 

Systems Design 

ENICOS is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) fully featured integrated business management system that helps SMEs and large enterprises to manage all their business transactions in one system. It is a system that enables business owners and managers as well as institutional heads to make well informed decisions that are based on real time information and data. 


Bylite I.C.T Dev’t Club was  started to create a platform for a complete ICT innovations and inventions. The Club will foster high academic performance in ICT and other subjects in schools, universities and other educational institutions. Furthermore, it will enhance employment for ICT people besides promoting use of ICT in other sectors such as Research, Agriculture, Trade, Tourism, Mining, Culture. Uganda, and Africa as a whole, has a high level of computer illiteracy and so the ICT Development Clubs, if embraced, will answer most of Africa’s unanswered development puzzles. 

At ByLiTe , our goal is to ensure that students who go through theoretical training at educational institutions, get hands-on training. The internship at ByLiTe is geared towards improving ICT skills in students who are going through formal education in institutions of higher learning.

If your computer is not performing as you feel it should, there is help. Symptoms such as screen freezes, abnormal shut-downs, blue-screen errors and file corruption can be caused by failing hardware (computer components).
The friendly and skilled technicians can diagnose the cause of your troubled system and repair it. The solution can include replacement of parts and/or software repairs such as operating system repair or re-installation. If your system is old and you are concerned about the cost of repair, rest assured that it will be handled to your satisfaction. The team will first advise you honestly if your system is not worth the cost of repair and this will save you unnecessary expenses. Following the diagnosis, a quotation on the cost of repair will be computed and then the decision is yours. A diagnosis fee will apply should you decide not to go ahead with a repair. 

We are here to protect you from cyber criminals!

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"I personally like hanging around the ByLiTe offices because these individuals are very friendly and available to help."

"The first time I went to ByLiTe offices I almost asked for a job there. Hihi, I really don't know what to say but ByLiTe is a very nice place to be."

"ByLiTe has the best customer care. I loved how they handled me during the time of our website design."

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