Hardware Repair

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Hard drives are the heart of every desktop computer, laptop, server and even some mobile devices  that we rely on to save our digital documents. With the large capacity of modern hard drives, it is common to have virtually all of your documents, photos, music and movies stored on just one hard drive.

Despite the convenience of having all of our data in one place, when disaster strikes  (virus attacks, hard drive crashes, power surges, fires & floods) more of our data is now exposed to data loss than ever before.

If you have lost data from your hard drive because of disk failure, accidental formatting, or other disasters, we can help restore your files no matter what type of hard drive you have!

No matter what efforts are taken, computers will still malfunction, laptops will break down, servers will go offline, networks will become unavailable  at times you least expect. All of these problems can be turned away and kept to a minimum by keeping up with regular scheduled preventive maintenance activities. Oftentimes even basic maintenance such as backup of critical data, critical software updates and hardware components cleaning can become very time-consuming or difficult for an average computer user. ByLiTe therefore provides preventive maintenance service programs to address the needs of home users or businesses that do not have qualified staff.

In order to keep computer hardware in good working order, specifically its internal components, you have to deal with dust – one of the main source of computer hardware failures. It is imperative to clean and properly lubricate all moving components, such as fans, power supplies, the mother board and the CPU. You want to make sure that you have the right equipment, especially when it comes to cleaning your equipment.

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