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Wealth Through Knowledge

A Rich and fully developed African continent and its people.

To provide ICT skills that will lead to an ICT-led economy in Uganda and the East African Region.


Bylite I.C.T Dev’t Club has been started to create a platform for a complete ICT innovations and inventions. With its head office in the heart of Africa (Mbale-Uganda), the club will foster high academic performance in ICT and other subjects in schools, institutions and Universities, employment for ICT people besides promoting other sectors in Research, Agriculture, Trade, Tourism, Mining, Culture, information dissemination, Security, marketing among others
Uganda and Africa as a whole has a high level of computer illiteracy, unemployment, idle resources, over dependency among other social evils.
This Club if embraced, will answer all Africa’s unanswered development puzzles. 


To sensitize the community and organizations on the importance of I.C.T in development in the 21st Century.
To create a platform that unites all peoplein all sectors in I.C.T for greater inventions and innovations.
To train all people of all sectors in I.C.T.
To make every member practically productive in I.C.T.
To market our club member’s potentials and products.
To provide high quality and affordable internship to our members through providing them subsidized and  

comprehensive hands on internship.
To start and equip I.C.T research centers in selected organizations, Schools, institutionsand Universities. To solve all bottlenecks in all sectors of the economy.
To develop and disseminate affordable study materials at all educational levels in all disciplines.
To guide Governments and other implementers in all areas if ICT. 

It shall be open to all community members of any age, sex, religious, Tribal, economic or political background, with or without ICT skills and qualification as long as such a person is willing to acquire ICT skills or willing to help others get the skills.

According to our survey, we have found out that, many ICT graduates in Uganda can’t practically apply it. And this is why they havelimited I.T innovations in the Country. Worse of it all,our I.T graduates are also looking for employment instead of creating employment for others. On the other hand, many employees have continued to import other I.T experts from abroad because ours cannot manage.

Bylite ICT Dev’t Club, has come to create a platform for practical ICT skills development. This will improve on our members income, rescue Uganda from Unfavorable balance of trade and trigger other developments in all sectors. 

OurPhysical office is Located at Plot 1/3 on Bugwere road, at Hon. Nandala’s shell building floor.1 just 50 meters from Sleeping Baby round about before reaching Cure Hospital.

Contact persons.
The Club’s president together with the Club’s National Coordinator seats in the above office every day from 8:00Pm to 6:00Pm, Monday to Saturday.

Mr Mukane Onesimas
The President Kato Daniel
The National Coordinator
(+256)700-816291/779-728077 (+256)772-820407/759-285720


Rev. Dr. Stephen Mungoma
Principal Uganda Christian University.
Mbale University College.
And Chairperson InzuYa’Masaaba 

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Working Hours

8:00am - 6:00pm 


plot 1/3 Bugwere/ Majanga Road, Mbale


Contact Phone

(+256) 700 816 291/ (+256) 784 111 645

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