To extend high-quality internet connectivity at affordable rates to organizations, businesses and individuals in and around Uganda. 

We offer

Fast and affordable internet connection for
individuals and businesses.
Unlimited internet with no hidden costs.
World-class and high-speed internet access backed by
Uganda’s fiber optic National Backbone Infrastructure     ( NBI)
Experienced, reliable and local skilled technical team. 

Products and Services

Byte life Tech Solutions Co Ltd offers high-quality, affordable wireless internet for individual users and organizations with a variety of subscription
Plans. All plans includes unlimited uploading and downloading. No hidden costs and no data limits at Byte life Tech Solutions. 


3 Mbps Home /6 Mbps Business Internet

As a small business owner, or a professional who works from home or if
you want to keep your family connected, ByLiTe has affordable options for
you. Home /Business Internet provides a range of service level to fit your needs. Whether you want to skype with family or colleagues far away, stream the latest YouTube videos or catch upon email and news, there is a plan that solves your problem.
Each service plan is unlimited (but shared) and so you can use as much data as you want whenever you want without ever having to worry about being charged extra fees or running out of data.


Corporate & Dedicated Internet 

Suitable for hotels, Universities and organizations with 50 or more employees, or regional offices with 100+ staff members. There is a Package that will work for your users. Our service enables your business to reliably and quickly integraten critical management tools such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SYSTEMonline, YouTube and engage with customers through Skype, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. These internet plans are designed for multiple users, reliable access to Cloud based business productivity tools and quick upload/ Download speeds. Each service plan is unlimited. You can use as much data as you want whenever you want without ever having to worry about being charged extra fees or running out of data. 

Bylite Connect internet speeds are unbeatable Symmetrical from the day of connectivity boosting your business effectively and efficiently, helping you relax with a seamless connection at home or office. Currently, the service is offered in and around Mbale as well as Kumi with expansion planned to nearby regions soon. 



Internet Connectivity

ByLiTe Connect Prices


per month




per month




per month





Technical Solution

Byte Life Tech Solution Co Ltd provides direct Internet Connectivity via its own gateway. The bandwidth offered ranges from 3 Mbps to 6 Mbps under the Home, Business internet access platform and up to 10   Mbps under the corporate internet access.

Bandwidth delivered is symmetrical in nature, that is, if for example, a client takes 6 Mbps of internet bandwidth then they get 6 Mbps in and 6 Mbps or more out. The same would apply for all other capacities as required by client.  


The network is backed by a skilled technical support team providing dependable service you can trust.

With years of experience in internet connectivity, Byte Life Tech Solutions team has the expertise and understanding to ensure our networks are fast and reliable. The company delivers  high-speed connections at affordable prices.



Time scales

BYLITE CONNECT will meet Client technical team to discuss the installation procedure upon receipt of a letter of intent from the client. Thereafter, BYLITE CONNECT will send a written contract/agreement specifying terms and conditions of service provision agreed upon. BYLITE CONNECT will ensure that the equipment is installed and working within 72 hours of having received a copy of a signed contract/letter of intent from Client.

Support Maintenance

BYLITE CONNECT technical team will implement the proposed network with highly sophisticated systems that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through their Network Operating Center (NOC). An account manager will be dedicated to co-ordinate the project and a team of technical people led by a Technical manager will carry out the installation and maintenance.

The network will be monitored at our NOC on 24-hour basis and alarms will be in place for any malfunctioning of equipment, which will automatically call for rectification as required.