ENICOS (An ERP System)

All software is deployed and hosted with third-party companies that are dedicated to hosting services.


Introduction to ENICOS.

Businesses continue to struggle to keep things organized. They often use a mix of applications and tools such as spreadsheets, accounting software like QuickBooks, web-based CRMs to manage their day to day record keeping. As a consequence, they have to access different systems to understand customers' master data, sales, cash flows or profitability. The information exists in silos. The data is hard to combine to get useful insights or alerts. As a consequence, SMEs are reactive instead of being proactive in their day to day operations. With such a constrained way of working, there is limited scope for growth.

ENICOS helps manager, businesses to:

Track all invoices and payments of customers.
Know what quantities of what products are available in stock.
Identify and track key performance indicators (KPI's).
Identify open customer queries.
Manage payroll.
Manage employee leave schedules.
Assign tasks and follow up on them.
Maintain a database of all customers, suppliers and their contacts.
Prepare quotes.
Track Departmental budgets and their expenditures
Determine effective selling prices based on the actual raw materials, machinery and effort costs.
Get reminders on maintenance schedules.
Manage student admissions, tuition/fee payments and manage course scheduling 

What is ENICOS?

ENICOS is a full featured business management solution that helps SMEs, and Large Enterprises to record all the business transactions in one system. Furthermore, institutions can use it to make informed, fact based, timely decisions & NGOs remain ahead of the competition. It serves as the backbone of a business to add strength, transparency and control to your growing enterprise.
ENICOS could be used by any business size without the worry of paying for more user licenses. There is no limitation or performance issues. So far it has scaled well.
Large businesses/organizations and SMEs require advanced data systems to manage their processes efficiently. Most of them, typically struggle to keep things organized. They often use a mix of applications like spreadsheets, QuickBooks and/or other accounting software. These organizations or companies sometimes have the challenge of ensuring that everyone is on the same page. ByLiTe’s ENICOS can meet the needs of both SMEs and large businesses/organizations.
Enterprise Integrated Core System (ENICOS) is an end-to-end business/organization solution that helps owners, administrators and managers to manage all business/organization information from one centralized application and use it to not only manage operations but also support the making of informed decisions in time to remain ahead of competition. The System forms a backbone of the business/organization to add strength, transparency and control to the enterprise.  

These are the Integrated Modules that ENICOS Covers..

Human Resource Management
Client Relation Manager
Fleet Management
Project Management
School Management System
Non-Government Org
Heath Institution Management
Website Tool
Maintenance and Support
Other Inclusions

System Platform

Programming Languages: Python + JavaScript
Databases Supported: MariaDB (MySQL)
Webserver: Werkzeug
Templating: Jinja
Job Queues: Python RQ
CSS Framework: Bootstrap 3 • Caching: Redis
Realtime: NodeJS + Socketio.js
Javascript Packaging: Rollup
Webserver (Production): gunicorn + NGINX
Process Manager (Production): supervisord

ENICOS is an ERP online based system and minimally requires the following to operate:     
     A stable internet connection.
     A computer with at least 2 GB RAM.
     An Operating System (Window 7/Linux/iOS for PCs, Android/ iOS for smart phones).
     A web browser.

ENICOS System support will be available 100%. The strategies that ByLiTe undertakes to keep it at 100%:
     A Contact Person at ByLiTe that the client organization reports communicates with.
     Maintenance work on the system to keep the performance of the system alive.
     Hosting it with companies to provide cloud hosting as a service twenty four hours throughout the year. 

Since we don’t install the software on premises, then no equipment purchase is involved. Any equipment required by the company apart from the system software we are providing will be procured by the client and ByLiTe will not be held responsible for any after defects.
ByLiTe will make sure that the system is running if the client subscribes for (ByLiTe as a Service) BAAS 

ByLiTe provides a dedicated Account Manager to ensure that exceptional after sales support is delivered.

Contract duration will be aone (2) year renewable contract. ByLiTe provides a Service LevelAgreement with availability of 100%.
Monthly reports on achieved SLA will be discussed between both technical teams to ensure that the service delivered is as promised. These will form a basis of rebatesas per matrix that will be agreed on in the agreement.

Payment Terms

Your Organizationwill make a 50% advance payment of the one-time cost under non-recurrent fees for the ERP system upon contract signing and thereafter proceed with clearance of the remaining 50% payment after training and deployment of the system.
Recurring fees that include hosting, maintenance, cyber security and backups should be paid before the ERP setup begins. 

Hosting and Disaster Recovery Policy

Since hosting of the systems is not on the company's own servers, ByLiTe has entrusted VPSserver.com to host all their systems. VPSserver.com has one of the best backups and Data Recovery policy. One can choose the intervals for the backup to take place. Some of the customers do backups after every 2 hours while others choose a longer period and each backup has a very small cost implication .

Recovering a backup takes only 5 minutes.

Besides backups, ByLiTe has a Cyber Security team that monitors every single login and IP session once you entrust the cyber security team with your information. The team works 24hrs and receives alerts on every single process. Cyber security also has a monthly fee attached after assessing the company needs (involves signing legal documents for privacy purposes).

The system sends every error log to ByLiTe  so that the team can handle them without even the client realizing that an error was made.

Data can also be backed-up on both a local server and a remote server depending on the client’s capabilities and preferences.